For Sponsors and Partners

Service for Sponsors

The Peace Agents Foundation works within the management and communication gaps between donors, projects implementing organizations and beneficiaries.

As a German foundation, we introduce Western quality management standards but learn from the culture and customs of our host countries and partners. Our primary focus is on the beneficiaries: We start and end our cooperation activities always with the people affected by conflict and working for a just peace.

Being continuously present on-site helps us in addressing potential problems like

corruption threats;
bureaucracy and
unacceptable high administration expenses
by preventive means and mechanisms.


Supporting our partner organizations through various services, the Peace Agents Foundation provides and guarantees donors

a solid project management;
an appropriate beneficiary-oriented use of funds;
a profound and transparent finance report; and
a comprehensive documentation.
The Peace Agents Foundation basically offers its services for free. Members of the foundation as well as the Board of Directors are volunteers from different backgrounds who want to contribute to innovative and creative approaches towards policies of peace. However, if requested by a partner organization, renowned experts of the foundation can be assigned as paid advisors on a long-term base.

Service for Project Partners

The Peace Agents Foundation cooperates with organizations and institutions which contribute to policies of peace in particular toward truth and justice for violated less privileged people and communities.

The foundation supports its partner organizations in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

Assistance in the organizational development, especially for new organizations and for members of networks of the Peace Agents and Warriors for Peace;
Conceptualization of needs-oriented and culturally sensitive programs, projects and activities - including the presentation of successfully implemented projects in other countries and related sectors;
Social entrepreneurship - designing of valuable training courses for the business, educational and social sector and other potential income-generating activities based on the expertise and portfolio of the partner organization;
Fundraising - searching for either adequate funding agencies in the development cooperation or appropriate partners in the business, financial or social sector.
Operative Management

Assistance of local experts by experienced international advisors/conflict workers in implementing or improvement of ongoing programs, including installation of continuous internal monitoring and evaluation processes;
Support in dealing with management and communication gaps between the own organization and sponsor agencies, donors and implementing partners.
Monitoring and Evaluation

Regular external monitoring and evaluation by not project related personnel of the Peace Agents Foundation.
Research and Publication

Dissemination of innovative approaches, methodologies and strategies developed and/or implemented by the partner organization.

Establishment and maintenance of a network to policy of peace-supporting organizations, institutions, and political decision-makers and assistance of the partner organization in promoting policies of peace based on project findings and outcomes.

The foundation supports its partner organizations in the following areas: