Volunteer Program

The foundation aims to promote international understanding. The Peace Agents Foundation and all our partner organizations are accepting volunteers from at least six weeks commitment. The collaboration of organizations coming from different sectors of development work (CONVENT) allows volunteers to experience a broad spectrum of development challenges or to get insights on specific sectors and projects. We highly appreciate the personal engagement of specialists who are interested in sharing their expertise or even want to explore new interests or hidden talents.
On the volunteers' page, our visitors briefly introduce themselves and share their discoveries and experiences while working in development projects. Experts without prior experience in development work can be professionally guided and prepared for their involvement by Managers without Borders (Dialog Projekte Ltd.). Experts with background in development cooperation may also contact us directly ( Rodesa@PeaceAgentsFoundation.org). For young adults interested in development work, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development offers the Weltwärts program.