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If you are interested in Development Cooperation, International Understanding and/or conflict work related Research we would be glad to welcome you. We offer diverse ways of engagement of various intensities and over a range of distances.

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    As Member

    The Peace Agents is a group of people of different origin who exchange ideas about development projects and their societal relevance, support each other beyond borders with words and deeds, and raise awareness of forgotten or internationally invisible conflict issues. Members can either meet locally forming groups/initiatives at their homesites, virtually in Internet throug the Peace Agents website, or join activities and projects of Peace Agents/Peace Agents Foundation partners as volunteers in other parts of the world. Outisde Germany, the Peace Agents are distinct organizations closely related to the Foundation. In Germany, however, the Peace Agents form the “Kuratorium” (Board of Trustees) of the Peace Agents Foundation and are, as such, part of it. Peace Agents worldwide understand themselves as a borderless community; they are not members of a particular country association but of an organization operating without solely national interests.

    To start your membership as a Peace Agent or further information please contact

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    As Volunteer

    The Peace Agents Foundation and its partner organizations invite people to assist in development projects (initially in the Philippines only). Two organizations facilitate in the preparation of volunteers. The German Development Service (DED) currently accepts applications of the weltwaerts program of the German Federal Ministry for Economical Cooperation and Development. The progam is intended for German junior volunteers aged 19-23 years. For further information please visit the website

    The organization Managers without Borders prepares professional experts for their participation in development projects during vacation or a sabbatical. Managers working in less privileged areas of the world are a tremendous enrichment especially for young and small organizations with great ideas but still little expertise. A short and specific assistance can often lead to significant and meaningful results.

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    As Partner

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a partnership between companies and non-profit organizations offer a special chance for mutual improvement. With “A Piece of Peace Adoption Program” the Peace Agents Foundation aims to facilitate common projects of the both sectors. The effects of a reasonable collaboration are still widely underestimated. Our utmost aim is, therefore, to raise awareness of the potential benefits for both parties and to assist in the design of common engagement: an increased sustainablility and new markets/networks are just two possible outcomes of well-balanced CSR.

    Corporations interested in the “A Piece of Peace Adoption Program” can contact for further information.

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    As Colleagues

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    The Peace Agents Society

    The Society is a small group of prooved or renowned experts from various fields who can be consulted by partner organizations of the Peace Agents Foundation for the discussion and elaboration of difficult problems or issues. Due to the sensitivity of certain topics and potential security issues for its members working in conflict environments, the Society can only be joined upon recommendation by own members. Nevertheless, the group is neither a secret society nor a clandestine service but a support system for organizations and individual professionals operating in at times life-threatening conflict areas.

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