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The Peace Agents Foundation is a private and operative Think and Do Tank. It aims to foster means of TRUTH, JUSTICE and RECONCILIATION in conflict areas and violent environments.

The martial art AIKIDO is considered as the 'Art of Peace' and as such it plays a key role in our strategic and methodical approaches working with conflict.

The foundation collaborates with peace organizations that develop innovative methods, conduct pioneer projects, and disseminate relevant research and project findings towards the achievement of societal relevance.

The origin of the foundation were programs and projects with conflict-affected people on Negros Island, Philippines created by local experts from the peace movement Pax Christi and a German civil peace service advisor.

We support organizations working with conflict for the empowerment and participation of people toward nonviolent intervention in conflict and just peace policies:

Initiatives of TRUTH

Our partner organization, the Peace Agents, intend to create an alternative intelligence service. The idea behind is the support of people living in unjust or violent environments through the provision of a strong voice against oppressive and destructive powers. The first necessary step is currently ongoing - the training of a roster of skilled officers in the Peace Agents Academy.

Nurturing JUSTICE

Every project supported has the clear goal of political, economical or social adoption and application. Eventually, positive results need either to be spread 'horizontally' - to get more people involved, or 'vertically' - to convince decision-makers for improvement of current unjust realities. Our interest is the strengthening of the existing judicial systems in the countries of our partner organizations by offering complementary projects and programs.


Our partner organization Warriors for Peace uses the martial art Aikido towards a fundamental change of war. Its prinicipal ideas are the transformation of an aikido practitioner into an architect of nonviolence and of potentially violent situations towards reconciliation ground. The assistance in the application of Aikido strategies and methodology is also an important function, the most specific task, and somehow the core of the Peace Agents Foundation.


The translation of reasonable, needs-oriented and conflict-sensitive projects into policies of peace is the rate-limiting step toward long-lasting sustainability and societal relevancy.