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Peace Agents Society

The Peace Agents Society is the creative think tank of the Peace Agents, deeply rooted in the public arena, and with strong bonds to the needs, challenges and problems of people affected by structural, cultural and direct violence.

The Society is a community without national borders, that consists of individuals interested in policies of peace in different aspects of political life. Laws and policies often don't seriously recognize the miserable unjust living conditions of less privileged people - especially of those living in conflict areas and being exposed to various kinds of violence.The members of the society search for new, more just approaches and solutions.

However, even dealing with serious and often life threatening problems, one important premise of our activities and discussions is doing it in a joyful and creative manner. We believe that we can better nurture life by enjoying politics through vital criticism, constructivism and an optimistic realism.

Society members from other countries are always welcome to join and actively participate in activities of the local society. Many of our challenges today are globally relevant or an effect of globalization. Therefore, global awareness and contributions of ideas and perspectives from other parts of the world are always appreciated.

One long-term goal is to eventually make use of the advantages of a worldwide operating Society.