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A Piece of PEACE Adoption Program

Conflict can lead to development. Development can cause conflict.

The foundation facilitates partnership between corporations and non-profit organizations. Mutual benefit for both and enduring development for the poor: our translation of Corporate-Social Responsibility (CSR).

A Piece of PEACE is a partnership program between non-governmental organizations facing the challenges of conflict and violence and local and international corporations investing in enduring development. Corporations are offered to 'adopt' a particular project or a program. In the way we understand it, 'adoption' means that the cooperation between an enterprise and a non-governmental organization does not only include sponsorship but also mutual responsibilities and exchange, such as being invited in joining training programs, facilitating events or providing resource speakers and experts as lecturers or consultants.

For training courses, corporations can send a 'delegation' of employees for staff development and to establish close ties to the supporting organization. Enhancement of the corporation's network may be one positive feedback to its engagement.

Sponsoring partners are named and introduced on the websites of the organizations and all project- or program-specific brochures, announcements, and other kinds of public relations. German corporations' financial sponsoring, in addition, is due to tax-deduction and tax advantage in Germany.

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