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All donations given to the Peace Agents Foundation reach the project directly and without deduction.

Donations given in Germany are due to tax-deduction and tax advantage.

The following options are possible:

1) In case, you would like to contribute for a particular project, please refer to the project (number) of your choice. Currently the following projects are open for funding: 

- Streetkids - Little Survival Warriors

- Cultures' Club

- German Technology to Fight Infections

- Farmland for Self-Sustaining Academy

- Warriors Operations against Poverty and Violence

2) If support shall be given to a particular organization, please tell us the name. The following organizations can currently be supported:
Warriors for Peace

Peace Agents - Isla Pilipinas

3) If you entrust the Peace Agents Foundation to decide and use your donation for projects or other organizations that are currently not listed please leave the purpose of contribution blank. 
Please forward your donation to our Peace Agents Foundation account:
Bank Account Name: Christoph Kehr / Spendenkonto Peace Agents Foundation
Account No.: 80013531   
Bank Code: 533 500 00 
Bank Name and Location: Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf (Germany) 
For International money/bank transactions please add   
IBAN: DE75 5335 0000 0080 0135 31
For donations WITHIN the Philippines:

Bank Account Name: Peace Agents-Isla Pilipinas Inc
Account No.: 0710-027430-530
Bank Name and Location: Development Bank of the Philippines, Bacolod branch 
Persons, groups, or corporations who/that would like to become co-founder or patrons of the Peace Agents Foundation have the chance of contributing to its endowment fund. Our organizational aim is to transfer our legal status from a subsidiary foundation to an independent foundation. For this we need a stock of around 50,000.- Euro. We want to achieve the shift toward the legal capacity of independence within the first 10 years (until 2017). All co-founders and patrons will be named in this website. 
If you would like to become a co-founder or patron of the Peace Agents Foundation please contact our trustee, Fr. Christoph Kehr briefly about your intention before donating:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Our Bank Account for contributions to the endowment fund only: 
Bank Account Name: Christoph Kehr
Account No.:3191321912  
Bank Code: 50050201
Frankfurter Sparkasse (Germany)