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Peace Agents - Isla Pilipinas, Inc.

The Philippine section of the Peace Agents. Offering comprehensive training courses for political awareness, empowerment and participation at their Peace Agents Academy in Bacolod City.

Established the first Peace Agents Society on Negros Island anno 2007.

In 2005, the Peace Agents in the Philippines gave birth to an intended creation of an alternative intelligence service of the peace movement.

BeeWell Organic Products Company

BeeWell logoBeeWell stands for natural, healthy food and its ecological production. It is founded as a Social Business in the area of Organic Farming with the goal of developing and producing nutritious and well-balanced food especially for children to oppose the health issue of children malnutrition in the Philippines. Profits gained are partly used to support the NGO work in Negros Island. BeeWell farm will also be a vehicle that will give the less privilege people the opportunity to learn and experience the advantages of natural agriculture and healthy food processing as well as to earn fair income.

Warriors for Peace - Pilipinas, Inc.

Warriors for PeaceThe Warriors for Peace focus on the martial art Aikido and its potentials for changing the nature of war. The organization offers one of the most intensive trainings for peace workers at the Warriors for Peace Academy in Bacolod City. Participants undergo a two-year apprenticeship consisting of various training courses offered by the Pax Christi Institute and every day twice Aikido practice.

HELP for Peace - Pilipinas, Inc.

Help for PeaceThe Health Professionals for Peace focuses on health care in conflict zones and the establishment of a health care system for the less privileged people living in underdeveloped conflict areas. It currently implements the Barefoot Doctors Action, Education and Research program' for conflict-affected communities on Negros Island.