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Peace Agents Foundation

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Support to the Warriors for Peace Academy

Warriors for Peace offers apprenticeships for ex-combatants and members of conflict-affected communities for a new start in normal life.

Detailed Project Description

Life for ex-combatants – be it rebel forces or governmental servicemen – is often challenging: finding a profitable, meaningful job, settling back in community life, dealing with physical and psychological trauma and simple live with often still destructive energies. Support is rarely provided, the self-transformation from ‘fighting against’ (more life-taking) to ‘fighting for”’ (more life-nurturing) takes time and facilitation. Equally affected can be family members of those warriors or victims of violence in conflict areas.

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Support of the social business BeeWell  

BeeWell is a social business, which offers its premises for the vocational training in organic farming, income creation and aikido practice of the Warriors for Peace Academy. In close cooperation with Warriors for Peace, BeeWell provides chances for self-sustainability and independence of the academy.

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Assistance of HELP for Peace in emergency and transitional aid

The super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan is one of the deadliest cyclones ever; on November 8, 2013 more than 6300 people died in the Philippines alone. The Peace Agents Foundation supported its partner HELP for Peace in its emergency and transitional aid operations through management and administrative assistance.